Thursday, May 6, 2010

PLN 30

I read an article from USA today about how 100 scientists and students are working on a long experiment to learn more about tornadoes. Their taking special instruments and vehicles to study and learn about tornadoes so we can know about tornadoes. I think this is good because even though we know a lot about tornadoes, this will help the students learn what they need for the next generation scientists. This is good for our society and our science programs.

PLN 29

I read an article from the New York Times about how boys are starting to have a lack of social skills. They're becoming dull and uninterested in activities. I think that is not true. Most boys have really good social skills and are good at talking with people. Boys are good at trying different things. I think most boys are OK with the social skills they have and the article has skewed data.

PLN 28

I read an article on in the Denver post called "Out boys are falling behind in education" about how less and less men are graduating college or even doing well in school. They think a "role reversal" is happening between men and women and men are falling behind academically. I think the opposite is true for high schools because I see boys working harder and harder to do better and girls caring less and less. I think that if boys are falling behind academically, its because boys are starting to get interested in new things and stop caring about school as much.

PLN 27

I read an article on USA today about how NASA chose May 14 to be the launch date of one of the last space shuttles for the american space program. They were already going to stop the space shuttle program before NASA's budget cuts. Now they have to move to the old modules they originally landed on the moon with. I think that its sad that this will be one of the last launches for the space shuttle program and I think they shouldn't do this. But space shuttles are expensive and the program has run its coarse. I don't like them doing this, but I realize it's necessary.